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eDocPrinter PDF Pro Release Notes download history.txt for details ...

Release Notes Legends:
[+] New Feature
[-] Bug Fixed
[!] Feature - Improvements and Behaviour Changes
[a..zA..Z] Feature Category
[EPDFPRO]: (Pro. Pack) eDocPrinter PDF Pro Printer driver + Standand Office Addins (Word, Excel, PPT)
[EPDFADV]: (Adv. Pack) EPDFPRO + Adv. Toolboxes ((Drag2PDF, Shell Extension, Redirect2Print Addin, Command2Action Addin, Text2Hash Addin, AES Addin, and various advanced features and addins)
[EPDFENT]: (Ent. Pack) EPDFADV + Ent. Toolboxes (PDFSealer for Digital Signing, FTP/SFTP Addin, SMTP-SSL Addin)

0. Ver 6.83 Build 6171 Formal Release
New Features:
(Pro. Pack - EPDFPRO)
[+] 1. [Office Addin- Office 2013]: Support 32bit Office 2013 Addin
[+] 2. [Email- Outlook]: Support Outlook 2013 automation
[+] 3. [Embedded Commands]: Add a registry setting CmdStopDetect, with default value False. It is used for the default state of detecting embedded commands.
[+] 4. [Embedded Commands]: Add commands %%ocv: %% and %%ocx: %% for start and stop command detection by commands. When commands detection is enabled (or forced enabled), these commands can be used to start or stop command detection in the job.
[+] 5. [Page]: Add registry settings LayoutCopiesFromDevm, when it is True, the driver will use dmCopies from DEVMODE instead of the Page property page LayoutCopies.

(Adv. Pack - EPDFADV)
[+] 1. [Redirect]: Add log trace (LogLevel>=10) for redirect timing trace.
[+] 2. [Redirect]: By adding a registry setting RedirectFlush with default value True, RedirectEnable can now be controlled by command in the build 6077.
[+] 3. {Redirect]: Add RedirectCopiesFromDevm registry setting and command. When it is True, the Redirect will pass through the copies information to the physical printers to be redirected by the DEVMODEW.

(Ent. Pack - EPDFENT)
[+] 1. [Upload- FTPS]: Add support FTPS (FTP over SSL explicit and implicit)
[+] 2. [Upload- Amazon S3]: Add support upload files by Amazon S3 upload post
[+] 3. [Email- Gmail]: Add [Send by Gmail directly] mode. It supports sending by Gmail directly with optional EmailSentboxPath and EmailDraftboxPath parameters. When EmailNotSubmit is true, it will upload email into Gmail Drafts folder directly.

Improvements and bug fixes:
(Pro. Pack - EPDFPRO)
[!] 1. [Destination- Log]: Save default log files into Desktop\"profile name" directory.
[-] 2. [Destination- ]: Fix exceptions on read/merge some scanned PDF files containing incorrect xref starting number.
[-] 3. [Destination- Overlay with]: Fix round off error and position shift error when doing overlay with PDF files with cropbox magin.
[-] 4. [Email- Outlook]: Fix and improve resolving addresses exception on Outlook 2013 in EmailThunkQueue mode.
[-] 5. [Email- Outlook]: Fix Outlook 2013 prompting profile selection dialog if Outlook is not started when creating PDF with email. (Outlook 2013 change the profiles and default profile registry settings, incompatible with older Outlook versions)
[-] 6. [Email- Outlook]: Fix email hang in Outbox when silent sending by Use Outlook. [E.g., In Office 2013 ClickToRun deployment, i.e. Installers from Office 365 website, DAN version]
[-] 7. [Email- Outlook]: Fix reading Outlook default profile value. [In Office 2013 ClickToRun deployment, i.e. Office 365 installer]
[-] 8. [Office Addin- Word]: Fix page number fields not correctly printed in Word 2010 (When [Use Office Export] is turned off) (forcing to update fields)
[-] 9. [Office Addin- Office 2013]: Fix addin loading error on 32bit Office 2013 due to missing MS addin deisgner dll deployment (MSADDNDR.DLL) in Office 2013. Fix by removing this dependency.
[-] 10. [Watermark- Compound]: Fix the ordering of stamping compound watermarks. (by the order added)

(Adv. Pack - EPDFADV)
[!] 1. [Drag2PDF- printto]: Improve checking the ShellExecute result. If the error is SE_ERR_NOASSOC, it will read the registry printto command for the associated file extension and call the commandline directly. (it avoids some printto command not executed by ShellExecute when multiple handler are defined. .html)
[!] 2. [Redirect- ]: Fix commands removing error on Redirect by printing the spool job when the text are in glyph index rather than the unicode.
[!] 3. [Redirect- ]: Improve GIF transparency overlaying on Redirect (PCL ROP mode)

(Ent. Pack - EPDFENT)
[!] 1. [PDFSealer]: Add SigCertExp and SigCertKeyLen registry settings for self-signed certificate creation.
[!] 2. [Upload- FTP]: Support automatically recurive folder creation when uploadding in FTP mode (FTP, SFTP, FTPS)
[-] 3. [Destination- PDFSealer]: Fix showing the certificate and signature appearance selected in the printer profile Destination property page settings.
[-] 4. [Email- Gmail]: Fix to recognize the localized folder name in Gmail.

0. Ver 6.80 Build 6067 Formal Release
New Features:
(Pro. Pack - EPDFPRO)
[+] 1. [Email- Outlook]: Add an UI option, registry setting, and command EmailDraftboxPath for allowing Outlook to save items in the folder path assigned instead of the default "Drafts" folder when the email is not sent.
[+] 2. [Email- Outlook]: Add an UI option, registry setting, and command EmailSentboxPath for allowing Outlook to save sent items in the folder path assigned instead of the default "Sent items".
[+] 3. [Email- Outlook]: Add an UI option, registry setting, and command EmailSelectAccount with value True or False for selecting account (by From address) to send emails in Outlook. (Outlook 2010 supports mulitple Exchange accounts in the same profile)
[+] 4. [Email- Outlook]: Support selecting EmailMAPIProfile silently on Outlook starting ( for both [Prompt for a profile to be used] or [Always use the profile] on Outlook mail profile settings). It requires Outlook is NOT started yet. (Because Outlook.exe allows opening one profile for the Outlook instance, when in queued email mode (EmailThunkQueue=1), if it needs to change the profile on the fly, it has to use the command EmailCloseOutlook to close the Outlook instance and set to the new EmailMAPIProfile on the next job. )
[+] 5. [Email- ]: Add a registry setting and command (EmailThunkQueue=1) for sending emails in a monitor(queue) process when in thunking mode. It starts and connects to the Outlook session and keep it alive. Subsequent sending requests are queued and processed seqentially without initializing or restarting the session. It is automatically sending in this mode when in "Process PDF Sequentially". EmailThunkQueue can be set by registry setting or commands.
[+] 6. [Destination]: Add "Email directly and do not save" mode (DestSaveMode = 4) and "Email directly" mode (DestSaveMode = 5) for emailing directly without prompting saveas dialog. In "Email directly", users may specify the filepath by commands or Destination property page options.
[+] 7. [Destination- Overlay with]: Add an UI option for selecting auto-rotate mode for adjusting landscape or portrait fitting when the template page format is different from the created job page format. (It defines DestOverayRotate=1 for Counterclockwise Auto-Rotate, -1 for Clockwise Auto-Rotate)
[!] 8. [Profile settings]: Support define global default and must settings for all eDocPrinter printer profiles. ( by registry keys without Profiles\profilename\ )

(Adv. Pack - EPDFADV)
[+] 1. [Redirect]: Add special ->DLG print for showing Windows standard print dialog for selecting printer to redirect by UI.
[+] 2. [Redirect]: Add RedirectSaveDevmode (default is True). It will use the DevMode stored for setting the physical printer when the setting is True.
[+] 3. [Drag2PDF]: Add ConvertWatermarkAfterMerge registry setting. The default value is True. Drag2PDF will do stamping watermarks only after merging all files when in the [Conver and merge into one PDF file mode]. (for allowing page variables interpreted reasonably.) (also for N-up)
[+] 4. [Drag2PDF]: Add argument -ss1/2/3/4/5 for support sorting by drag2pdf.exe commandline (1 for sorting filename, 2 for sorting type, 3 for sorting file size, 4 for sorting directory, 5 for sorting modified date)
[+] 5. [Drag2PDF]: Support wildcard resolving in drag2pdf commandline.
[+] 6. [Drag2PDF]: Add support of sorting by clicking Drag2PDF UI column view.
[+] 7. [Drag2PDF]: Add "Date modified" column on Drag2PDF UI column view.
[+] 8. [Commands- Adv]: Add %%acil adv command. It is a simplified version of acit for adding links easily. The simple mode is %%acil: text to be stamped,URI%% The full arguments are text to be stamped,URI,borderSize, borderStyle, R,G,B,pagerange,fontsize,R,G,B,font family,font style.

(Ent. Pack - EPDFENT)
[+] 1. [Remap- ]: Add Remap property page UI for setting character code remapping. (character replace) (in addition to commands %occr, accr)
[+] 2. [Embedded commands: Remap commands]: Add %%occr: tag char in hex, mapping definition in hex%% command for supporting remapping the characters to others. (e.g., %%occr: ,(AA)(102)(AB)(103)(AC)(104)(AD)(105)%% or %%occr: 5E,(41)(102)(42)(103)(43)(104)(45)(105)%%) (it requires Ent. pack license for remapping addin)
[+] 3. [Embedded commands: Remap commands]: Add %%accr command for equivalent occr function but not requiring command in a single Textout. (it requires Ent. pack license for remapping addin) The remapping function is effective after an extra newline or %%acct command.
[+] 4. [PDFSealer- Append mode]: Add a new Destination save mode [Launch PDFSealer with appending] for the PDFSealer Append mode. (DestSaveMode: 6) It supports appending PDF from multiple printing application to a single document continuously. (For setting the initial append mode, default document directory, and file name) [ViewAppendInitOpen], the default value is 1, [Overwrite the defaul document] It will stamp a trial watermark if there is no ent. pack license installed when processed.

Improvements and bug fixes:
(Pro. Pack - EPDFPRO)
[!] 1. [Email- Outlook]: Support send sliently on [Use Outlook automation only] mode (emulate clicking ribbon Send button for Outlook 2007 or later)
[!] 2. [Email- Outlook]: Improve EmailCloseOutlook (support closing Outlook in mail queue mode)
[!] 3. [Email- Outlook]: Support restarting Outlook instance if the existing Outlook instance is not available in Process PDF sequentially mode. (Outlook 2010 may close even some automation clients reference)
[!] 4. [Watermark- ]: Add WatermarkAfterMerge registry setting and command for allowing stamping watermark after PDF merge.
[!] 5. [Destination- ]: Improve DestPDFWarning setting, with default value 1, it will show a warning dialog on foreground when the destination PDF cannot be saved. (When DestPDFWarning=2 or 3, it will show such warning message as topmost window. If DestPDFWarning is 2, it will not launch the temporary PDF when it cannot be saved)
[!] 6. [Destination- ]: Add DestDrvWarning with default value false to disable warning message from the driver layer.
[-] 7. [Destination]: Fix append (or insert before) error on PDF with wrong XRefStm field in trailer
[-] 8. [Destination- ]: It turns off UAC file redirection virtualization on 32bit Windows 7 (e.g. C:\ root drive) by adding manifest requestedExecutionLevel level="asInvoker" ) to epdfact.exe (also drag2pdf.exe, pdfseal.exe)
[-] 9. [Printer Server]: When LoadUserProfile fails, it automatically switch to service mode (.DEFAULT) instead. (spoolsv requires SeBackupPrivilege and SeRestorePrivilege in Windows 2008) (Service mode, pdfdrv uses HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT for job information)
[-] 10. [Printer Server]: When CSR (Client Side Rendering) enabled (printing locally instead of server in Vista/7), it automatically print to "eDocPrinter PDF Pro" profile.

(Adv. Pack - EPDFADV)
[!] 1. [Commands- Adv]: Support adding links to embedded files in PDF. (%%acln: efc:sample.pdf, %%acil, %%acef)
[!] 2. [Email- Variables]: Support resolving variables Doc Info [Title, Subject, Author] in EmailSubject and EmailContent
[!] 3. [Redirect- Overlay with]: Fix and support overlay rotate modes on redirect to print when overlaying with templates.
[!] 4. [Redirect]: Add command and registry setting RedirectSyncMode. When set to 1, it will wait the redirected job printed
[!] 5. [Redirect]: Add 18th argument for specifying the dmScale. The default is 100%.
[-] 6. [Redirect]: Fix redirect printing exception by "reader openaction" if the PDF are password protected.
[-] 7. [Redirect]: Fix Redirect with JobSplitPDF in spool job mode. (ver 6.68 build 5772 bug)
[-] 8. [Redirect]: Support redirect by spool job in driver isolation mode
[-] 9. [Redirect]: Fix SmallTextOut not shown in redirect jobs when removing text line starting with tag

(Ent. Pack - EPDFENT)
[!] 1. [PDFSeal]: When selecting PPKMS (SHA-256 SHA-384, SHA-512), it will automatically switch to PPKMS (SHA-1) if such digest is not avialable by the certificate cryto function provider (CryotAPI provider)
[-] 2. [PDFSeal]: It fixes the signature verifying in Reader X 10.0.1 when opening from PDFSealer UI. (calling Reader OCX from Browser control instead)
[-] 3. [PDFSeal]: It fixes the UI language selected when starting PDFSealer UI.
[-] 4. [PDFSeal]: Fix signing PDF exception for PDF files in Xref Stream only [PDF incremental updtate in XRef Stream]

Ver 6.68 Build 5772 Formal Release
New Features:

New Features:
(Pro. Pack - EPDFPRO)
[+] 1. [Destination]: Add "Do not save" mode (DestSaveMode: 3) for not saving PDF files
[+] 2. [Destination]: Support PDF creation in virtualized registry (sandbox) environment (e.g Office 2010 Click to Run configuration or application virtualization environment) (switch into the pipe mode automatically)
[+] 3. [Email]: Add a registry setting and command EmailSkipNull with default value False. When it is True, the email sending step will be skipped if the address fields are all empty (To, Cc, Bcc).
[+] 4. [Email- Outlook]: Add EmailOutlookMode. Default 0. 1 means using v6.48 old outlook send method.
[+] 5. [Embedded Commands]: Add a registry setting CmdMultiline to support detecting commands wrapped into multiple lines

(Adv. Pack - EPDFADV)
[+] 1. [Encrypt- AES Addin]: Support 128bit and 256bit AES encryption of PDF (256bit AES is supported by PDF Reader 9 or later) (These 2 methods are supported by AES Addin, which requires Adv. pack license.)
[+] 2. [Drag2PDF- AES Addin]: Support 128bit and 256bit AES encryption for processing existing PDF files by Drag2PDF.
[+] 3. [Drag2PDF- Batch]: Add command line argument -sf"filepath" for assigning the destination path directly by commandline. (in -s command line mode)
[+] 4. [Embedded Commands]: Add an Adv. command %%acml for enabling or disblaing CmdMultiline by command.

(Ent. Pack - EPDFENT)
[+] 1. [FTP- SFTP]: Add SFTP (FTP over SSH) support. (New UI options, registry settings, and commands for FTPMethod, FTPPortNumSFTP) (The default method is FTP) (SSL Addin)
[+] 2. [PDFSealer]: Add PDF Certify function. (DestSignCertifyMethod) (sealbat.exe -sy 0/1/2/3)
[+] 3. [PDFSealer]: Add new digital signing filter methods PPKMS-256, PPKMS-384, and PPKMS-512 for signing with SHA-2 (SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512). (DestSignFilterMethodPDF value is 2,3,4)
[+] 4. [Email- Secure SMTP]: Add sending methods SMTP SSL and SMTP STARTTLS for supporting secure SMTP server like gmail. (These 2 methods are supported by SSL Addin, which requires Ent. pack license.) Add EmailSMTPSSLPort and EmailSMTPTLSPort for specifying the port number in these modes. (Registry settings and commands)

Improvements and bug fixes:
(Pro. Pack - EPDFPRO)
[!] 1. [Destination- Save]: When DestSaveMode is 1 or 2 (Silent mode) with empty DestDir, it uses CSIDL_PERSONAL when DestDirMode=0 or 1. It uses GetCurrentDirectory when DestDirMode=2. When DestSaveMode is 0, it uses GetCurrentDirectory when DestDirMode=0 (default). It uses CSIDL_PERSONAL when DestDirMode is else.
[!] 2. [Driver]: Open SID registry on DrvEndDoc for saving per-job registry. (avoid user context missing in DrvEndDoc)
[!] 3. [Email]: Resolve environment variables in EmailAttach
[!] 4. [Email- Outlook]: Support EmailFrom (SentOnBehalfOfName) for Outlook 2007 or later when "Use Outlook Automation" is True
[!] 5. [Email- Outlook]: Improve by calling the mailitem save instead of EMAPI(LPMESSAGE) SaveChanges to keep mailitem consistence.
[-] 6. [Font Embedding]: Fix embedding CambriaMath font in Office 2007 (when in equation editor, which use Glyphs directly without Unicode provided. e.g CambriaMath1.docx) (Fixed by embedding in CID mode)
[-] 7. [Font Embedding]: Fix embedding Symbol font when in ANSI mode (FontSymbolAnsi=True, PDF/A mode) (cmap 0xF000~0xF0FF with invalid post table entries)
[-] 8. [Font Embedding]: Fix RangeOffset value when embedding TrueType font if FontRebuildCmap is True. (for iPad)
[-] 9. [Office Addin]: Fixed Word Addin setting WordBookmarksFromBookmarks and WordBookmarksFromHeadings in "Use Office Export" mode.
[-] 10. [Embedded Commands- JobSplitPDF]: Fix JobSplitPDF side-effect bug in build 5595. JobTempPDF Error 2, in 1st split.
[-] 11. [Installer]: Copy 32bit edocpdfp.dll in Windows\SysWOW64 (for supporting eDocPPDFAddin.Control automation)
[-] 12. [Installer- MSI]: Fix MSI for 64bit Windows hang when running from 32bit IE directly (RemoveFile Cost)

(Adv. Pack - EPDFADV)
[-] 1. [Redirect]: Fix commands not hidden (commands in multiple ExtTextOut) (printing from C5)
[-] 2. [Redirect]: Fix SMR EOF record (distance) in PDJ file (when RedirectGenDrvSPL is True).
[-] 3. [Drag2PDF]: Fix as side-effect bug for processing existing PDF in build 5701 (when in pipe mode)

(Ent. Pack - EPDFENT)
[-] 1. [PDFSealer]: Fix create self-signed certificate (from shortcut or without opening PDF) (not saving temporary certificate locally)
[-] 2. [PDFSealer]: Fix BMP image in signature appearance bottom-up.
[-] 3. [PDFSealer]: Fix reading registration info in HKLM in x64 environment. (check 64bit HKLM first)
[-] 4. [PDFSealer]: Fix signing with SHA-2 with smartcards (using smartcard CSP provider)

Ver 6.56 Build 5568 Formal Release
New Features:

New Features:
(Pro. Pack - EPDFPRO)
[+] 1. [Email- Outlook]: Support EmailUseSMIME registry setting and command for automating outlook digtally signing the mail. (Use Outlook)
[+] 2. [Email- Outlook]: Support EmailShowModal registry setting and command for showing email composing window modal mode. (Use Outlook)
[+] 3. [Email- Outlook]: Support EmailDelIfCancel registry setting and command for deleting email item if not submitting when composing window shown in modal. (EMAPI and Use Outlook)
[+] 4. [Email- Outlook]: Support EmailNotSubmit registry setting and command for not submitting email item when sending in silent mode. (EMAPI and Use Outlook)
[+] 5. [Email- Outlook]: Support EmailDeferredTime registry setting and command for assigning time in seconds or specific time (@hhmmssmmddyyyy) for deferring delivery (Use Outlook)
[+] 6. [Email- Outlook]: Support EmailExpiryTime registry setting and command for assigning time in seconds or specific time (@hhmmssmmddyyyy) for email expiry time (Use Outlook)
[+] 7. [DocInfo]: Add UI option Duplex field (PDF 1.7) (DocViewDuplex 0/1/2/3 Simplex/Duplex Short/Short/Default)
[+] 8. [Embedded Commands- CmdEncodeMode]: Support the registry setting CmdEncodeMode with default value 0. When set to 1, it will convert 0xAD==>0x2D and 0xA0==>0x20 for (Password, overlaypath, ...) Email commands and destination PDF path.
[+] 9. [PDF]: Add a registry setting ROPAutoStrokeAdjust in Compression subkey. When ROPAutoStrokeAdjust is True, the PDF created will have its graphic state SA with its value true.

(Adv. Pack - EPDFADV)
[+] 1. [Redirect]: Add the option and parameter for duplex mode selection. Default is 0. // parameter 16: 0/1/2; Duplex mode; 0 for none(simplex), 1(short-edge duplex), 2 (long-edge duplex);
[+] 2. [Redirect]: Add new parameter 17 for per printer Escape command. For example, &l2X;&l1O; Use a semicolon ';' to separate multiple escape command. It overrides the RedirectEscCmd which applies to all printers.
[+] 3. [Redirect]: Support resolving variables in the parameter "printer name". %#WTSID% and %#WTCNAME% for representing the terminal session ID and client name. Hence users can define a special redirect printer name like (->HP 5L from %#WTCNAME% in session %#WTSID%) for printing to session printer without manual selection. (It need a prefix -> for enabling variable resolving)

(Ent. Pack - EPDFENT)
[+] 1. [FTP]: Add FTPAttach registry setting and command for uploading additional files by FTP in addition to the PDF created.
[+] 2. [FTP]: Add FTPAttachSelf [True/False] registry setting for not uploading the PDF created.

Improvements and bug fixes:
(Pro. Pack - EPDFPRO)
[!] 1. [Destination]: Suport read/merge/overlay PDF files with XrefStm only (without Xref Table)
[!] 2. [Destination]: Support directly WritePrinter with EMF spool file. (terminal server print back to local printer by universal driver). It requires setting the PrinterProcessor to eDocPDF. ( addprn pp "prnname" eDocPDF )
[-] 3. [Overlay with]: Fix overlaying bahaviour when number of pages < number of template pages (header, body, footer). When number of pages < numberof(template header), only header pages are overlaid. When number of pages < number of (template header+footer), only header and footer pages are overlaid.
[-] 4. [Font- Embedding]: Fix PDF created not launched by pdf reader 9.x when it contains font embedded with a large CMAP table (e.g. Arial Unicode MS, Gulim) (RebuildAnsiCmap)
[-] 5. [Font- Embedding]: Fix embedding Wingding symbol font with in code 0x9F 0x9E. (Flag Symbol, Cmap encoding 0 platform 3)
[-] 6. [Office Addin- Excel]: Fix conflicts copy/paste when using Axapta 9 Export to Excel. (load picture by commandbarbutton)

(Adv. Pack - EPDFADV)
[!] 1. [Watemark- Adv. variables]: Support resolving adv variables %#Title%, %#Subject%, and %#Author% in text watermark
[-] 2. [Redirect]: Fix an exception in Redirect on when detecting embedded commands and remove lines starting command tag are enabled.
[-] 3. [Drag2PDF- TIFF]: Fix converting .tif having wrong BitsPerSample field in Drag2pdf and watermark.
[-] 4. [Drag2PDF]: Fix placing the controls on wrong position when doing UI resize .

(Ent. Pack - EPDFENT)
[-] 1. [Destination- Sign]: Fix saving empty settings in signing options on Saveas dialog when there is no initial signing settings in PDFSealer registry.
[-] 2. [Destination- Sign]: Fix calling PDFSealer signing when SigCertIndex is empty. Use SigCertName instead.
[-] 3. [PDFSealer- Sign]: Fix applying digital signature by PDFSealer UI when SigCertIndex is empty. Use SigCertName instead.

Ver 6.48 Build 5428 Formal Release
New Features:

(Pro. Pack - EPDFPRO)
[+] 1. [Doc Info- PDF/A]: Support options for PDF/A-1a and PDF/A-1b UI for creating PDF/A compliant PDF files without addition printer profile.
[+] 2. [Doc Info- PDF/A]: Support tagged PDF option for creating tagged PDF from the driver layer directly.
[+] 3. [Page- Nup]: Support booklet mode.
[+] 4. [Overlay with]: Add a new option "Use Template Page Format" [DestOverlayUseTemplatePageFormat] for using the template page size as the final PDF page size.
[+] 5. [Destination- Merge by Insert Before]: Support Insert before a certain Page number of the existing PDF
[+] 6. [Office Addin]: Add Create PDF/Email in the addin menu for Office 2003/XP

(Adv. Pack - EPDFADV)
[+] 1. [Drag2PDF- Nup]: Support Nup, copies, booklet for processing existing PDFs by Drag2PDF
[+] 2. [Redirect - control code]: Support sending escape code to the redirected physical printer. It is available by command RedirectEscCmd. For example, %%RedirectEscCmd: ,&l2X,&l1O%%, where ',' comma is used for separating multiple escape commands. The first command is a must if the escape command is starting by symbol &. The escape leading character is assumed as 27, users may change it by RedirectEscCode. It is not necessary to enter it in commands since it is a non-printable character.
[+] 3. [Command2Action- Adv Variables]: Add %#USERDOC% for representing the user's documents directory. Support variable resolving of in watermark URI action and File action (local filename). Support %#Title%, %#Subject%, and %#Author% in Filepath, DestFile resolving variables. Support %#FNAME% and %#FDIR% variables for adding filename and dir in text watermarks.
[+] 4. [Adv Commands- acpd]: Add %%acpd for delete current page or specifying page range to delete by commands. For example: %%acpd: %% will delete the current page. %%acpd: 1-2%% will delete the page 1 and 2.

Improvements and bug fixes:
(Pro. Pack - EPDFPRO)
[!] 1. [Watermark]: Support special page range -101 or -10x for representing page number relative to the last page. (e.g. -102 means the reversed second page from the last page and so on)
[!] 2. [Destination- Saveas Dialog]: Add DestDirMode, default 0, if Dir is empty, it uses CSIDL_PERSONAL else it uses GetCurrentDirectory
[!] 3. [Email]: Add a command and registry setting EmailAttachImg for allowing embed images in HTML when sending emails by SMTP directly
[!] 4. [Embedded commands- ocbdc]: Improve to support tri-states of view and print in layer commands. When paramters are omitted, it is assumed not adding states. (i.e., Visible When ON and Prints When Visble)
[!] 5. [Overlay]: Change overlay layer properties to tri-states of view and print: Visible When ON, Always Visible, Not Visible, Prints When Visble, Always Prints, Never Prints
[-] 5. [Installer]: Fix legacy EXE installer failure in Windows 2008 Server
[-] 6. [Watermark]: Fix exception when stamping text watermark less than 3 characters.

(Adv. Pack - EPDFADV)
[!] 1. [Drag2PDF- Preferences]: Add UI options for ConvertUseLastDir and ConvertReprintPDF
[!] 2. [Adv Commands- acef]: Add parameters for flag, width, height, position. For example, %%acef: fpath,icontype,[R,G,B],[flag, w, h, ox, oy]
[-] 3. [Redirect2Print]: Fix redirect2print the template when the template file is .gif
[-] 4. [Redirect]: Fix Redirect and JobSplitPDF related issue.

(Ent. Pack - EPDFENT)
[-] 1. [PDFSealer]: Fix embedded command DestSignAPName not effective bug in ver 6.42
Ver 6.42 Build 5230 Formal Release
New Features:

(Pro. Pack - EPDFPRO)
[+] 1. [Compress- ROPOmitAllWhiteRect]: Add UI option "Omit painting white rectangles" corresponding to the registry setting ROPOmitAllWhiteRect in Compression property page.
[+] 2. [Watermark]: Add ".gif" as image watermark.
[+] 3. [Overlay with]: Add support of ".gif" as template.
[+] 4. [Email]: Add UI option [Attach the created PDF] and [Attach Extra:.tif, *.jpg, *.bmp] for the corresponding regsitry and command settings [EmailAttachSelf] and [EmailAttachExt]. User can choose from UI to determine attach the final PDF or the redirected image files.

(Adv. Pack - EPDFADV)
[+] 1. [Drag2PDF]: Add direct .gif to PDF conversion
[+] 2. [Redirect]: Add RedirectDestPath registry setting (available in commands) for assigning different output path when redirec2print as images. [RedirectDestPath] supports also variables resolving.
[+] 3. [Redirect]: Add UI option [by printing the spool job], [by reader openaction to print], and [by reader commandline to print]. The corresponding registry setting is [RedirectPrintMode] with value 0/1/2. This option supercede the previous setting RedirectUseReader.
[+] 4. [Command2Action- Variables]: Add %#USERDOC% for representing the user's documents directory.
[+] 5. [Redirect2Print]: Add 2 parameters (UI options) in RedirectPrinterList for allowing changing bin (tray) when printing certaing page when redirecting the printer spool job. For example, %%RedirectPrinterList: (HPPCL,False,True,0,False,False,Tray 1,False,,1,False,72,0,Tray 2,2)%%, the last 2 parameters are for RedirectSecondBinName and RedirectSecondBinPage

(Ent. Pack - EPDFENT)
[+] 1. [PDFSealer]: Add -sw option for sealbat.exe for assigning the certificate password. It will automatically send the password to the CSP query dialog if the certificate private key is password protected.
[+] 2. [PDFSealer]: Add registry setting DestSignCertPasswd (available in commands) for integrating eDocPrinter PDF for signing with assigning the certificate password. It will automatically send the password to the CSP query dialog if the certificate private key is password protected.

Improvements and bug fixes:
(Pro. Pack - EPDFPRO)
[!] 1. [Installer]: Improve adding driver when installing in x64 (64bit Windows) & Windows 2008
[!] 2. [Font]: Improve bold emulation on thin fonts (barcode, code1
[!] 3. [Office Addin- Word 2007]: Improve exception catching for some special system config which may cause 4120 exception when using addin.
[!] 5. [ROPOmitAllWhiteRect]: Improve detecting fill path with white brush as white rectnagles when ROPOmitAllWhiteRect is True. (for omitting background white rectangles printing from IE)
[-] 6. [Embedded Font]: Reader 8 crashes when printing some PDFs with subset embedding empty (zero) glyphs.
[-] 7. [Installer]: Fix EXE language resource in Outlook 2007 download run mode in Windows XP

(Adv. Pack - EPDFADV)
[!] 1. [Drag2PDF]: Move the Drag2PDF UI page extraction and actions to the first column.
[!] 2. [Command2Action- Variables]: Add UI right-click menu for adding variables in Watermark text edit control, Email subject, and content edit control in addition to the DestDir and DestFile edit controls.

(Ent. Pack - EPDFENT)
[-] 1. [PDFSealer]: When signing invisble, the appearance of annotation is remove for workaround on Reader 7 print.

Ver 6.38 Build 5168 Formal Release
New Features:

(Pro. Pack - EPDFPRO)
[+] 1. [Doc Info]: Add option Display Doc Info Title for making reader show Title on Window title bar. (DocViewDisplayDocTitle)
[+] 2. [Destination- PostAction]: Add "Delete the destination PDF" in PostAction list for removing the final PDF after processing without launching the PDF reader. (e.g. after email or ftp)
[+] 3. [Font -Embedding]: Add new registry setting FontSymbolAnsi with default value True. By default, it will embed symbol charset by ANSI TrueType (non-CID)

(Adv. Pack - EPDFADV)
[+] 1. [Redirect2Print]: Add option "Use Reader to Printer" (RedirectUseReader) for calling reader for Redirect2print without needing of pdj. (available by registry and embedded command)
[+] 2. [Command2Action]: Add new command acnt for adding notes by commands. Syntax: %%acnt: comments[,bOpen,R,G,B,[title,type,flag,orgx,orgy]]%% where "type" can be Comment, Key, Note, Help, NewParagraph, Paragraph, or Insert. If the "comments" contain comma ',', it need to add a backslash to escape. "bOpen" is true or false. For example, %%acnt: My suggestions\, comments\, and opinions, true%%
[+] 3. [Command2Action]: %%acpf: existing PDF filepath% For processing existing PDF instead of current PDF. Current job file can be used as a pure embedded commands.
[+] 4. [Command2Action- Variables]: Support resolving environment variables and eDocPrinter defined date and time variables (%#DATE%, %#TIME%, %#DATEX%, %#TIMEX%%, %#YYYY%, %#MM%, %#DD%, %#HOUR%, %#MIN%, %#SEC%) in embedded commands DestDir, Filepath, EmailSubject and EmailContent command. %#FNAME%, %#FTPServer% and %#FTPServerDir% are only available in EmailSubject and EmailContent command.
[+] 5. [Watermark- ADV]: Support resolving command2action variables (environemnt variables and eDocPrinter defined variables) in text watermarks.

(Ent. Pack - EPDFENT)
[+] 1. [PDFSealer]: Integrate PDFSealer with eDocPrinter installer directly. Support 64bit modules for (x64) eDocPrinter printer driver calling directly when creating PDFs.
[+] 2. [FTP- Ent. Pack]: Add FTP for uploading the result PDF. (requiring Ent. pack license) Available by embedded command control. (FTPEnable, FTPServer, FTPUserName, FTPPassword, FTPPortNum, FTPServerDir)

Improvements and bug fixes:
(Pro. Pack - EPDFPRO)
[!] 1. [Overlay with]: The multipage template PDF aligns with back-cover if enabling back-cover pages.
[!] 2. [Word Addin]: Avoid querying save changes when closing document after addin conversion. (Reload the original doc when Auto Save is turned on)
[!] 3. [Log]: Improve log (separate edocpdf-s.log, edocpdf-p.log)
[-] 4. [Word Addin]: Fix cross-reference link conversion to page number.
[-] 5. [Office 2007]: Add OnLoad callback
[-] 6. [Printer Server- INTRASVR]: Fix spooling pure text file into shared eDocPrinter in printer server mode.
[-] 7. [Printer Server- INTRASVR]: Fix when printing by SYSTEM context impersonation in "Process PDF sequentially" in printer server mode.

(Adv. Pack - EPDFADV)
[!] 1. [Redirect2Print]: Add Image DPI UI option for assigning resolution in Redirect2Print as images.
[!] 2. [Redirect2Print]: "->TIF" now creates TIF without per-page TIF files. Users may set RedirectMultiPageTIF to False to creating per-page TIF file.
[!] 3. [Redirect]: Improve "Select printer paper size automatically" for round off error of size from spool jobs.
[!] 5. [Redirect]: When spooling pure text file only, creating the SPLEMF with proper back color and opaque mode. (RedirectGenDrvSPL)
[!] 6. [Redirect]: When spooling pure text file only, automatically removing the opaque box. (RedirectDrvSPLNoOpaque=True)

Ver 6.34 Build 5032 Formal Release
New Features:

(Pro. Pack - EPDFPRO)
[+] 1. [Destination- Overlay with]: Support using images *.jpg, *.bmp, or *.tif as template directly for [Overlay with].
[+] 2. [Watermark]: Support using *.tif as image watermarks.
[+] 3. [Office Addins]: Support new ribbon style UI in Office 2007.
[+] 4. [Office Addins]: Support utilizing office 2007 export information for converting position of links or cross-references. (as an option "Use Office 2007 Export" in Addin settings)
[+] 5. [Embedded Commands]: Add %%ocbdc %%ocemc for adding layers by commands.
[+] 6. [Email]: Add EmailAttachExt registry and command for attaching images from redirect2print. For example, %%EmailAttachExt: .tif%%.

(Adv. Pack - EPDFADV)
[+] 1. [Redirect2Print]: Add ->TIF and ->TIFG3 for redirecting as color or black/white TIF images.
[+] 2. [Redirect2Print]: Add a special "->DEF" instance for supporting redirect to the default printer automatically.
[+] 3. [Redirect2Print]: When overlay with, it supports printing template images (bmp, jpg, tiff) directly without creating PDJ files in advance.
[+] 4. [Drag2PDF]: Support converting *.tif images to PDF directly without calling the associated application to print.
[+] 5. [Drag2PDF]: Support rotating page orientation of PDFs by Drag2PDF. (additional option in Extract pages)

Improvements and bug fixes:
(Pro. Pack - EPDFPRO)
[!] 1. [Destination]: Improve resolving environment variables in destination file path.
[!] 2. [Destination]: Support resolving environment variables in template PDF path for overlaying.
[!] 3. [Watermark]: Support resolving environment variables in watermark image path.
[!] 4. [Printer Server]: Support resolving environment variables in destination file path in printer server mode. (also in command %%Filepath)
[!] 5. [Email- SMTP]: Add UUID in MIME boundary string. Also fix using mixed in html.
[!] 6. [Word Addin]: Add a registry setting WordCreateLinksInShape for disabling detecting links in shapes
[-] 7. [Installer]: Fix calling "addprn af" recursively if copying file is occupied.
[-] 8. [PDF A-1b]: Fix Flag in driver lelvel links annotation
[-] 9. [PDF A-1b]: Fix bug of encoding of metadata in CJK system or CJK encoding doc info.
[-] 10. [Fonts- x64]: Fixed incorrect font style in PDF created in x64 when fonts are not embedded.

(Adv. Pack - EPDFADV)
[!] 1. [Drag2PDF]: Support calling new ribbon addin in Office 2007 directly.
[!] 2. [Drag2PDF]: Add registry setting HideButtonReset under Drag2PDF subkey for hiding the Reset button
[-] 3. [Shell Extension]: Fix an exception in shell extension for drag2pdf (ext2pdf.dll), which is caused by some special file pattern without file extension types. (dot directory)
[-] 4. [Shell Extension]: Fix not showing ext2pdf menu when right-click Windows Start menu.
[-] 5. [Redirect]: Fix resolving image path with environment variables in Redirect

Ver 6.30 Build 4782 Formal Release
New Features:

(Pro. Pack - EPDFPRO)
[+] 1. [Vista]: Support Vista installation in UAC (EXE and MSI installers)
[+] 2. [Vista]: Support printing from IE7 protected modein Vista
[+] 3. [PDF/A-1b]: Add optional feature for installing the printer profile for PDF/A-1b Compliance PDF creation.
[+] 4. [Compress]: Add UI option [Use PDF 1.4 Transparency] for using transparency operators for emulating some Windows ROP effects.
[+] 5. [Destination- Overlay]: Add new options for supporting overlay and then append using 2-template pages once. Available in commands with specifying value 4,5,6,7 to DestOverlayWithType. [Overlay and Append] [Insert and Overlay] [Underlay and Append] [Insert and Underlay]
[+] 6. [Printer Server]: Support new printer server mode. It requires Intranet Server License (per-Server). Add new options "Set as a printer server" in Add New Printer (also PropAdm).

(Adv. Pack - EPDFADV)
[+] 1. [Drag2PDF- Shell Extension]: Support Windows Explorer Shell Extension right-click shortcuts. By default ->PDF, ->PDF&Email, and ->PDF&Merge. Administrators can customize the shorcut menus.
[+] 2. [Drag2PDF]: Support .docx, .xlsx, .pptx extension for office automation conversion by Drag2PDF for Office2007
[+] 3. [Redirect2Print]: Support the new modes 4,5,6,7 of DestOverlayWithType and DestOverlayType.

Improvements and bug fixes:
(Pro. Pack - EPDFPRO)
[!] 1. [Image]: Support collecting image slices of 1-pixel height to a whole image to reduce the PDF file size significantly in some cases from AutoCad, PowerPoint, or similar. Add CompressCollectSlice registry, by default is True.
[!] 2. [Vista- Addprn.exe]: Adding manifest for running as elevated administrator mode in Vista by adding manifest. (addprn2.exe is added for running in normal mode)
[!] 3. [Installer]: Add a variable NoDesktopIcon for disabling installing shortcut on Desktop
[!] 4. [Log]: Change default log path to each user's desktop, When DestLogPath is empty, it will use e.g., C:\Documents and Settings\username\Desktop as log path for easily finding and avoiding the permission restrictions.
[-] 5. [Word Addin]: Fix proected Word Document conversion (Track changes, Read Only)
[-] 6. [Excel Addin]: Fix and improve the hyperlink conversion when there are thousands of links. Also improves the link position accuracy.
[-] 7. [PowerPoint Addin]: Fix conversion of links in PowerPoint 2007. (an internal powerpoint object exception due to 2007 new behaviour)
[-] 8. [Images&Patterns]: Improve or fix some ROP emulation. Fix conversion of brushes with 32bpp bmp pattern.

(Adv. Pack - EPDFADV)
[-] 1. [Redirect]: Fix redirect printing jobs to be consistent with [Delete pages with commands only].
[-] 2. [Redirect]: Fix redirect printing jobs in [JobSplitPDF] mode
[-] 3. [Control]: Fix synchronization in method WaitPDFFinished of eDocPDFAddin.Control in ver 6.24
[-] 4. [Email Notes]: Fix sending by notes silently without attaching properly in some cases
[-] 5. [Drag2PDF]: Fix not applying security settings when [Convert and Merge into one PDF] to non-existing filepath.



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