Dummy Port Add-on for eDocPrinter PDF Pro

Dummy Port Add-on for eDocPrinter PDF Pro

What's this?

This is only necessary for some computers without
any physical ports available, e.g., (no LPT1, COM1, ...). eDocPrinter works as a
printer driver under Windows environment. Hence it needs to connect to a port
even it does not use the port to capture anything. By default, eDocPrinter PDF
Pro is connected to LPT1:, this works well for ordinary computer configurations.
Unfortunately, we get some feedbacks that some computers having no such physical
ports. In such condition, printing to eDocPrinter pops a error message
complaining "There was an error found when printing to LPT1:, do you want
to try or cancel the job." If users met this issue, they need to install
the Dummy Port Add-on. This adds a port monitor into the system. Since it is
doing nothing but only provides a port for conforming the requirement for the
printer driver.

Since Ver 5.55, Dummy port Add-on
installation has been included in all installation packages.
installation will automatically detect the existence of LPT1: port and install
the Dummy port if there is no LPT1: available. Users can also enforce the
installation of Dummy Port by choose the proper short-cut after installation.

From the device manager under Windows, users can check the
existence of the LPT1 or other physical ports. Refer this Dummy Port Add-on
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