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EPDFADV: eDocPrinter PDF Pro Adv. Pack --
eDocPrinter PDF Pro + Adv. Toolboxes (Drag2PDF, Redirect2Print, and etc.)

EPDFADV-WKSLIC: (eDocPrinter PDF Pro + Adv. Toolboxes: Drag2PDF and etc.) for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 workstations

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Workstation Licenses for Windows 10/8.1/8/7, either Desktops/Laptops or VMs.

Create PDF from Windows Applications.

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If using eCheck by PayPal, users have to wait for
a few days for the order to be processed since PayPal requires 4 days for eCheck
to be cleared.
There is no such delay for paying by CreditCard and Instant Fund Transfer
by PayPal and other payment service providers.

Enter here for Purchasing multiple copies by PayPal.

EPDFADV-TSE : (eDocPrinter PDF Pro + Adv. Toolboxes: Drag2PDF and etc.) Terminal Server Licenses for Windows Server 2019/2016/2012/2008

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Terminal Server Connection License for Window server 2019/2016/2012/2008.

TSECLI is licensed by the number of named users (clients) in the Windows server farm directory.

Each Windows server farm (or each Window server without active directory) of the licensee requires purchasing a
starter kit which includes 10 clients already.
For per-server licensing, please find TSESVR licensing model below.

EPDFADV-TSECLI: Terminal Server
Connection License (the starter kit includes 10 clients license)

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Terminal Server License (per-server licensing model):

Terminal Server License by number of Servers without number of clients restriction

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EPDFADV-INTRASVR : (eDocPrinter PDF Pro + Adv. Toolboxes: Drag2PDF and etc.) Intranet Server Licenses for Windows Server 2019/2016/2012/2008

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Intranet Server License,
For generic Windows server batch processing (service printing, non-logon sessions, or web integration) or
printer server usage in Windows server 2019/2016/2012/2008. <a

EPDFPRO: eDocPrinter PDF
Pro + Std. Office-Addins (Word, Excel, PPT)

EPDFADV (Adv. Pack):
EPDFPRO + Adv. Toolboxes (Drag2PDF, and Redirect2Print, Command2Action, Text2Hash, AES Encryption Addins)

(Ent. Pack):
EPDFADV + Ent. Toolboxes (PDFSealer for digitally signing and PDF certifying, FTP
(SFTP) Upload, SMTP-SSL Addin)

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Users can click the links above and pay securely through these payment
We do not know or keep any
credit card information
of the customer. All payment processes are done in payment service provider securely.
SWREG and share*it accept Switch and Solo debit cards in
addition to ordinary Credit Card. RegSoft and Share*it also provide Fax Ordering, Purchase Order, and etc. in
addition to
paying online.

All registration info are delivered by
Email after purchasing.
Currently Instant Registration Key Delivery
is enabled for purchasing workstation
licenses (1~9 copies) by Credit Card or Instant Fund Transfer. The system will automatically generate the
registration key using buyer's email address as the
user id and send it to the customer's email address. We still
manually process other orders to provide
customers more flexible registration choices like multiple keys or other
requirements. If you do not receive the registration key within 36 hours after
purchasing the product,
ask us

We will resend the key ASAP.

purchasing page is only for Western Language versions of our products.

For standalone CJK (
, Japanese, and Korean) packages, please purchase
from their own correct purchase links or from resellers since registration keys
for CJK versions are different from Western Language versions.

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