Drag2PDF toolbox

Advanced Toolboxes

eDocPrinter PDF Pro Adv. Pack contains Advanced Toolboxes, which
include extra utilities and addins. Drag2PDF, Redirect2Print Addin, Command2Action
Addin, and Text2Hash Addin are included now. Proper Advanced Pack Licenses or additional advanced toolbox
licenses are required to register. (ADV toolboxes are included as options in
eDocPrinter PDF Installer directly.
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Drag2PDF Toolbox


1. Drag and Drop files to print to PDF automatically

2. Batch conversion to PDF

3. Batch conversion and Merge into one PDF

4. Automate Office-addin for converting .doc .xls .ppt ==> PDF

5. Processing, Overlay, Merge with existing PDF

6. Watched Folder mode

7. Delete/Extract/Divide PDF Pages

Requirement: eDocPrinter PDF Pro, Windows 2000/XP or later; Acrobat Reader for viewing PDF;

is included in eDocPrinter PDF Pro installation as an optional toolbox to
install. Users require the eDocPrinter PDF Pro Adv. Pack license or extra
additional Adv. Toolbox (Drag2PDF) license to register.

Redirect2Print Addin

Redirect2Print Addin -- Support redirecting current print job to other printers simultaneously.
Since 6.16, users can enable redirecting current print job to other printers when creating the

Redirect2JPG and Redirect2BMP

Since ver 6.18, there are special instances named as [->JPG] and [->BMP]
in the select printer dialog, users can select these into Redirect2Print list
for saving the current print job as JPG or BMP files.

Command2Action Addin

Command2Action Addin is an Advanced embedded commands set for supporting adding images,
link action, bookmarks, named destinations, and etc. Please
refer to the embedded commands usage guide for details.

Text2Hash Addin

This toolbox addin supports to scramble font encodings to prevent copying text out of PDFs
from readers. It is shown as an extra option in Fonts property page if
installed. View
Sample PDF

Email2Notes Addin

Since ver 6.18, an extra method for sending email by Note client
silently is available. When EmailSendMethod=3, it will call the Notes client
installed to send the emails. In this mode, it also supports HTML format, asking
return receipt, and setting importance level.

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