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0. Ver 6.08 Build 1728 formal release

New Features and Improvements:

1. Support signature filter method PPKMS. Now there are 2 methods for signing: PPKLite and PPKMS.

3. Support adding signature appearance on All pages, Odd pages, or Even Pages when doing digitally signing.

3. Sealbat.exe: support argument -sp: -2 means All pages, -3 means Odd pages, -4 means Even pages

4. Update locale resources



Ver 6.06 Build 1668 formal release

New Features and Improvements:

1. Support assigning opacity of signature appearance

2. Support specifying certificate store name by -st "certificate store name" in sealbat.exe

3. Support log level support by -l in sealbat.exe

4. Fix toolbar gripper redraw issue in XP theme

5. Fix showing issuer name cut issue in managing certificate Window

6. Update resource and icons



Ver 6.05 Build 1620 formal release

New Features and Improvements

1. Enhance sealbat.exe functions, including -o option for default output directory

2. Support localized date format

3. Enhance Signature apperance options, including user defined font size, fingerprint option, and etc.

4. Disallow digitally signing and showing warning dialog when certificate expires

5. Support auto-rotate and placing signature appearance for PDF pages with Rotate. SigAPAutoRotate.

6. Add UI options for selecting degree for rotating page when applying digital signature appearance.



0. Ver 6.03 Build 1568 formal release

New Features and Improvements

1. Support commandline batch processing sealbat.exe. Users need batch server license for sealbat.exe.

2. Support using BMP as signature images

3. Fix using gray level JPEG image as signature images



0. Ver 6.02 Build 1208

New Features and Improvements

1. Support integration of silently signing called from eDocPrinter PDF Pro. Please refer to the eDocPrinter PDF Pro release notes for related registry settings.


2004 Mar 31 --

0. PDFSealer Ver 6.00 Build 1186 Formal Release

New Features:

1. Digitally Signing PDF using certificates managed by Windows

2. Applying and Modifying standard PDF security settings

3. Send PDF by MAPI (default Email client)

4. Integration of eDocPrinter PDF Pro (need Ver 6.06 build 3088 or later)

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