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EPDFPRO: eDocPrinter PDF
Pro + Std. Office-Addins (Word, Excel, PPT)

EPDFADV (Adv. Pack):
EPDFPRO + Adv. Toolboxes (Drag2PDF, and Redirect2Print, Command2Action, Text2Hash, AES Encryption Addins)

(Ent. Pack):
EPDFADV + Ent. Toolboxes (PDFSealer for digitally signing and PDF certifying, FTP (SFTP) Upload, SMTP-SSL Addin)

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eDocPrinter PDF Pro

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PDF Pro + Drag2PDF(Adv. Toolboxes)

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PDF Pro + Drag2PDF + PDFSealer)

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We now have PayPal, SWREG, RegSoft and Share*it for our payment solution. This
purchasing page is only for Western Language versions of our products.

For standalone CJK (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) packages, please purchase
from their own correct purchase links or from resellers since registration keys
for CJK versions are different from Western Language versions.

Users can click the links above and pay securely through these payment
We do not know or keep any credit card information
of the customer. All payment processes are done in payment service provider securely.
SWREG and share*it accept Switch and Solo debit cards in
addition to ordinary Credit Card. RegSoft and Share*it also provide Fax Ordering, Purchase Order, and etc. in addition to
paying online.

All registration info are delivered by
Email after purchasing.
Currently Instant Registration Key Delivery
is enabled for purchasing single user
license (1~9 copies) by Credit Card or Instant Fund Transfer. Currently,
PayPal requires eCheck to be cleared in some working days. Hence users have to
wait for a few days if they use eCheck. The system will automatically generate the
registration key using buyer's email address as the
user id and send it to the customer's email address. We still
manually process other orders to provide
customers more flexible registration choices like multiple keys or other
requirements. User just enters the email address and registration key in the product
registration dialog. This will turn the product into a registered version. This facilitates
recovering a lost key. Registered users may ask us to recover their keys by
giving proper email addresses

For manually processing orders, we will send the key after receiving the order notification
and at most, due to time lag, in 1 to 2 business days the user should receive the registration
key by email. If you do not receive the registration key within 36 hours after
purchasing the product, just
ask us
We will resend the key ASAP.

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