TECHNOTE - Multiple profiles for eDocPrinter PDF Pro

Multiple Profiles for eDocPrinter PDF Pro

Since Ver 6.03 Build 2806, eDocPrinter PDF Pro supports multiple
profiles natively. Users can easily add new printer instance of eDocPrinter PDF
Pro by the shortcut. Every printer instance owns its unique profile settings
except for the registration information. Hence users can easily setup and
use different profiles by just selecting the proper printer instance.

Side effect:

Original settings in registry are in \Software\ITEKSOFT\eDocPrinter\PDF\5.0\ of
HKCU or HKLM. For supporting multiple profiles, the profile settings are now in
\Software\ITEKSOFT\eDocPrinter\PDF\5.0\ [profile name]\, where the [profile
name] represents the printer name of the printer instance, e.g., eDocPrinter PDF

Developers who utilize registry settings to control eDocPrinter
PDF Pro may need to modify to support the new multiple profiles or to disable
the [multiple profiles] by setting [HKLM\Software\ITEKSOFT\eDocPrinter\PDF\5.0\Install\ProfileEnable]
to [False]. Administrators can disable multiple profiles when installing by
providing proper argument of the installer. Please refer to the installer guide
for details.

The [5.0] key is for backward compatibility.

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