TECHNOTE - Installer Command Line

How to run the installer without/with restarting
printing spooler subsystem?

Since Ver 5.55, the installer supports setting variables by the command-line
arguments to override default settings. For example, if users want to run the
installer without forcing restarting spooler subsystem. Users can follow the

C:\>edocpdfv5full -var:RestartSpooler=0

where edocpdfv5full is the install package name (edocpdfv5full.exe). All
installation packages support this argument after Ver 5.55. The default setting
is RestartSpooler=1. Hence users need no arguments if they want restarting
spooler before updating or adding the printer driver to avoid rebooting.

Users can learn more about command line options from the
following documents.

eDocPrinter PDF Pro Silent Installation Guide.

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