TECHNOTE - How to control eDocPrinter PDF Pro Programmatically

How to control eDocPrinter PDF Pro

All eDocPrinter PDF Pro settings in property pages have their
corresponding keys and values in Windows registry. The main key for the settings
is HKCU\Software\ITEKSOFT\eDocPrinter\PDF\5.0\. The same key in HKLM represents
the global default settings if local HKCU value does not exist.

Since Ver 5.51 build 1752, eDocPrinter PDF Pro supports Escape
cod control passed in by Windows API ExtEscape. Refer to the developer's guide
for details.

Download the SDK and MFC Samples here.

For deploying eDocPrinter PDF Pro with web servers or similar
server applications, developers need proper server licenses of eDocPrinter PDF

Since Ver 6.03, due to support of multiple profiles, the profile settings are now in
\Software\ITEKSOFT\eDocPrinter\PDF\5.0\ [profile name]\, where the [profile
name] represents the printer name of the printer instance, e.g., eDocPrinter PDF

Developers who utilize registry settings to control eDocPrinter
PDF Pro may need to modify to support the new multiple profiles or to disable
the [multiple profiles] by setting [HKLM\Software\ITEKSOFT\eDocPrinter\PDF\5.0\Install\ProfileEnable]
to [False]. Administrators can disable multiple profiles when installing by
providing proper argument of the installer. Please refer to the installer guide
for details.

Since Ver 6.03, eDocPrinter PDF Pro supports automation by
detecting embedded text commands directly from the page content. ERP, Database,
or related application developers may refer to the embedded commands for how to

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